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This is a blog where any and all sexual frustrations you feel can be vented! Submit (and be sure to click anonymous) anything regarding sex that is on your mind. Ask questions, and even submit nude/partial nude photos if you choose. But this blog will be entirely made up of sexual frustrations submitted by you! And it's all anonymous so everyone can feel completely safe. :) Sometimes we are just DYING to let it out. Do it on this blog!

So tell me tumblers... what are you yearning to do??

Dec 18

Angry and aching

Months go by without any touch. I want to be satisfied…I want slow, sweet lovemaking and fast, sweaty fucking. Do you even know what I like anymore? Five minutes of missionary in a dark room just isn’t enough. You thought you were getting a sedan. Baby, I am a Ferrari.

Mar 31

god i need it

i can make myself scream, no problem but i just need someone else to do it to me, it’s so much better that way! i’ve made you come, you groaned and then you came everywhere. i want to fuck you so badly, that one night you touched me was so amazing, you stroked my thighs, my stomach everywhere but where i needed it. i was so turned on, gasping and desperately trying to thrust against your hand but we were in a room full of people sleeping at a party. i just can’t wait to get you alone, next time i will ride you hard until we both scream.

Jan 3

Anonymous said: FUCKING DO ME ALREADY!

for your sake i hope he/she does you asap :)

Dec 3


I want to fuck the SHIT out of you sober. The past 3 times we were wasted. I want to ride that huge, hard, beautiful cock of yours and give you as much pleasure with my soaking wet pussy as I did with my mouth in the stairwell that one long night… thank god we were at least sober for that. Most intense orgasm of your life you said it was when you came (so much!) in my mouth. You have no idea what I can do in the sheets. That stupid slut of a girlfriend you have there needs to GO!

Would someone please do this to me!

All I can think about is the touch of ecstasy, for that feeling of pleasure that makes you go insane. I want you to go slow and gentle when you touch me but then hard and deep when you fuck me. Make me wait; make me build up tension, until I force you into me. I want you to moan in my ear and whisper to me how tight I am. I want you to fuck me so hard and deep until I bleed, fuck me until it hurts so bad, fuck me until I get burses on my legs.

the most romantic conversation i’ve ever had

do you ever get so turned on, you feel like you’re about to explode if you don’t have any body to give you your desires? 

I get so turned on sometimes that it is burning like fire inside. An itch I cannot scratch. Especially if I am turned on by something that is totally passion and energy. 

For instance, if my desire is to hold her down and take her, to use my body and strength against hers to have her, conquer her and win her. The arousal that that sort of image can bring is so strong I could break something. 

So yes, it happens and it is quite natural to me. 
That does not make it any easier at all, being familiar with the feeling of wanting someone, of waning her.
Blindfold me; make me see only the cloth upon my eyes. I want you to hold me and kiss me. When you make my body quiver, hold me down and force me to go insane. I want you to make me scream, I want you to make me feel so good I cry. Oh god please just fall into me, hold me tight and push into me. I need you oh god please…

Then put your mind there….
Feel me come up behind you, tie the silk across your eyes, and then bare your body to me. Never knowing exactly where or when every touch would come. You would feel fingers caress you, explore you, excite you and penetrate you…
You, unseeing, would feel that where the fingers had been the lips and tongue would follow… 
Would you surrender and open yourself? 
Or would you be opened, by your own dersire, yet will not your own…
Can you feel your legs parted? Your hips pulled back and up, penetrated as your hair is pulled, hungry breath at your neck, and fire deep, full inside you…

oh my god you know how to write! haha ;} 
that made it worse but mmmmh god babe I want you doing that to me right now. 
Every touch sends ecstasy through my body, a soft bite upon my neck makes me push you into my starving body, as I gasp from shock of how immense you are. Slowly but hard you penetrate me, harder and harder. I want to scream but I cannot, you make me loose my breath and hold you so tight. I whisper into your ear deeper, I moan and grasp the sheets with all my strength. 

I would stop your mouth with my hand and I would swell inside you as you bit my fingers. Could you sate my hunger? You would feel my heart pounding in my chest… 
I would have you on your back, your legs around my ribs… I would be moving inside you in that slow, powerful rhythm. I would pull your hair, exposing your neck, lifting your breasts to me. My mouth would assault your breasts and nipples. You have become my feast, my hunger, my lust…

I have fallen under your spell, you have hypnotized my body. I pull your head close to mine, and bite your lips. You push my arms down and hold me there as I scream for mercy, but you don’t stop. My nails claw your back, you grab me and hold me up, my back curls and you kiss my breasts softly as you push in and out of me. You whisper “you are so tight” in my ear, I whisper back “don’t ever stop, please don’t ever stop.” 

Screaming for mercy, creaming for me is how i want you. Feel me lean back, lift your body onto mine you’re flying now, your only connection to earth where you touch me, your hips against me, your legs around me, my arms around you. Ride me. Scream for me. Come all over me…

Your head below my jaw, your check upon the side of my neck, I can’t feel my thighs any more, I scream so loud, I’m about to cum. 
a moment of silence; I grasp your biceps, I look up with my eyes closed rolled back into my head, with my mouth open and your hands on my hips pushing me down onto you so hard, I explode then gasp for air as if I was suffocating. You fall back and I begin to kiss your chest. I say “thank you” into your ear, and kiss your check. I lift your head and tie the silky cloth around your head, I put you inside of me and begin to ride you like a rough storm. As I push you deeper and harder into me, you put your head back….

I think about you all day. I’ve had so many wet dreams about you, baby. I can’t wait until you finally decide to be a little adventurous and fuck around with me. I’ll be so much better than your little bitches would be. I think about your cock all the time, since the first time I saw it. So beautiful. I can’t wait for you to stick it in my ass or let me suck you dry.

I need you.

Oliver, you need to get your ass over here. I’m wearing my push up bra and favourite thong. I’ve never had an orgasm, so you need to help me out. I fantasize about your dick inside me, my wet vag and my ass, filling me and making me moan. I want you to make me scream with pleasure. I want to know what it feels like to cum. Katie has told me how amazing you are in bed. I want to find out for myself.

I just wish I had the courage to tell you this. But, Katie is my best friend and I know she would feel so betrayed if you fucked me. Dammit, why do you have to be so sexy?  

Sep 23

I like being hit during sex.

The first time he asked if he could do it, he was joking around. But we were both obviously intrigued… So, I told him to slap me in the face the next time we had sex. He did, and I felt this insane rush. I told him to keep going. This time, he backhanded me. I even had him punch me a few times.

Usually, we just bite or spank… I like being choked, too. But feeling his powerful hands make such an impact on my jawbones, my cheeks- GAH, it’s making me wet just thinking about it.

Anonymous said: I just want her to watch me ... to get hot and wet as I get hard and wet. God, and if she can't watch, just someone watch! I just want to know I am driving someone crazy horny while I fall into my desperate pleasure.


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